Free up resources for projects

Automation, aggregating functions & process improvement can free up resources & improve quality.


Paying by results removes the risks associated with project development, including cost overruns & large capital commitments.

A Fresh Approach

We offer a combination of pricing models where a project can be commissioned on a pay-as-you-save model but later extended under a time model.

Secondly, we welcome projects that customers regard as challenging or unworkable.

Cloud Computing

The cloud frees the enterprise from expensive up front hardware costs scaled for peak load, and provides a (automatically) scalable marginal cost paradigm. The cost of disaster recovery hardware and testing hardware becomes neglible.


Basic advice on approach, architecture, design and implementation.

PAGE REQUESTS requests/hour 1,750 1900 ACCRUED CHARGES Monthly cost £132 PAGE ERRORS requests/hour 12 20 CPU UTILIZATION 40% 83

Real time metrics & telemetry

Status at a glance. Warning notifications with supporting logs and errors.

Why choose us

We are a small company which specialises in automating processes & selling software as a service. We particularly welcome medium size projects that customers regard as too challenging or unworkable.

The company aspires to follow leading industry best practices including: Agile/incremental development, decentralised version control, Automated build, Cloud infrastructure, Microsoft Patterns & Practices and Lean manufacture.

Our applications are routinely written in .NET or are browser based which means that installation is trivial.

Get in touch

Please discuss with us how your processes might be (further) automated. A consultation is free.